#23 Maz – The Green Fist!

| November 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

Lurking beneath the seeming European dominance of Le Fin! and Turid Dandelion a resistance movement is growing led by devious freedom fighter, Maz Madazzaland… The feared, Green Fist!

There are no depths to which The Green Fist will not sink to in the name of freedom, she’ll have Europe burn if needs be and she might get her way if she can convince the leaders of three other resistance groups to unite and reclaim the UK from the clutches of Le Fin!

But Wicked Wallace, Staniforth and Tempestuous Tom are not the easiest of allies to get on with…

(…and that makes 9 in the ‘Extremely cute (and very evil) dictators of a fractured future Earth’ Series.)

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