#17 and #18 SLIT (aka Team S.L.I.T.)

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Slit (aka Team S.L.I.T.- Security Liaison and Intelligence Team)

Neovidual abilities :  super human agility

No matter the job (save one), body guard, bounty hunter, espionage, security, if you’ve got a need and a small fortune to hire them SLIT is your best bet for the job! A suspected husband and wife duo they act as one in every  effort. They often finish each others sentences in mid speech as if the expression came from the same mouth. When addressed they prefer to be addressed as one unit/person. It is suspected that Team S.L.I.T. has a telepathic link between them due to the fact that they do not require verbal communication to work together. There is one job that Team S.L.I.T. will refuse to take: and that is any request to murder or take a life. Even in defense on a job Team S.L.I.T. avoids this at all costs. A request to take a life will secretly cause Team S.L.I.T. to turn on the requester and seek a bounty for their capture by delivering them to their secret contacts within law enforcement organizations.

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