#19 Jaunt

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Jaunt : real name : Jessica Jordan LeJaunt

status: middle school student

Neovidual abilities: teleportation , continental class

Jaunt is the younger cousin of the neovidual heroine adventurer Mindhold. A friend of Moonwill. Juant’s abilities as a teleporter are keen and accurate. Looking at a location on a map is enough to accurately teleport to a location. If Jaunt has teleported to a particular location before she is always able to remember it and return there. Her process of teleportation is fused with a type of phasing and solidification process that allows Jaunt and those she teleports to slowly solidify in a matter of 30 seconds or so. This ability comes in handy when Jaunt finds herself teleporting into a wall or solid object (Like boulders or mountains). She can quickly teleport herself and others out and away from the solid object. In the case of a simple wall, Jaunt and others around her can step out of the wall before fully materializing. Jaunt plans on taking part in heroine adventuring when she is older and attends regular training sessions tutored by her cousin Mindhold. For now Jessica mainly uses her powers to take her family on instant vacations around the world.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

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