#23 Blister Fist

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Blister Fist : status: villain

Blister Fist boasts the neovidual abilities of super human strength and  limb/bodily regeneration. Blister Fist also oozes a type of sticky elastic bio adhesive from his boils and blisters, the effect of which is disturbing to most heroes who encounter him. Once Blister Fist connects a punch , the blisters and boils burst at will if he chooses. The result: As they hurl away the recipient of a Blister Fist punch finds themselves simply rocketing back to his fist again for another punch due to the rubber band like ,sticky adhesive. He mockingly asks his foes whether they’d like to play the “ball and paddle” game and asks them to guess which position they will play.

Blister Fist is the older brother of Evilspeed and 1/3 of the criminal neovidual group : “The Tri-Brothers Bedlam”

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”



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