#24 La Loca (Team member of DR809)

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Another member of DR809. La Loca is “the crazy one” in Spanish.

La loca is Rebecca Pons. A woman that has lived on the edge her whole life. The youngest on the team, she tends to not open up and express herself too much, but on the field she’s ready to kick butt. The Dominican government has chosen her because of her attitude and her quickness with her fists which can create and generate into powerful winds that only she can control.

Height 5’5 Weight:181 lbs. Age:17


When she clenches her fists together, they can create and generate into power winds that she can only control. Hand to hand combat skills due to her exposure on the streets.


She tends to isolate and be alone. Displays confidence on the field. Not a fan of authority. Michelle Rodriquez with a bit of Milla  Jovovich.



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