#24 – The Gravy Giver

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#24 – The Gravy Giver

Typically at a large Thanksgiving gathering there is someone who wants others to increase their caloric intake. This person is usually fit and likely went to the gym before stopping by the big event. Their weapon of choice at the table, the Gravy Boat. For some reason they want to encourage everyone to saturate their foodstuffs with that fattening gravy.

But let’s be honest, we encourage that person because almost every part of the Thanksgiving meal is made better with a large helping of Gravy. Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and rolls all have no issue being drowned in the brown manna from the heavens.

So for that one day a year, who cares if the Gravy Giver has mental issues regarding their body image so they want everyone else to get fatter. Bring on the gravy and keep it flowing until you can eat no more.

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