Day 09: Popoki-Lau

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#9- Popoki-Lau
Alignment: Good
Energy Affinity: Poison
Vivified, Enhanced feline

     When Hawaiian housecat Keilana happened across an enchanted mask, it transformed her into Popoki-Lau. Ages ago, Lau was a druid who poured her desire to protect plant life and her magic powers into a tribal mask. Now, whomever wears the mask finds it difficult to resist the mask’s influence to defend life. The mask also grants powerful, plant-based magical abilities.

Vine whips, thorny growths, enhanced strength, naturally toughened skin and grass and bark armor, regeneration as the wearer’s body is transformed into 100% vegetable matter. They can temoprarily add mass to their body through nearby plants, and burrow rapidly through any terrain that could support plant life.

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