Day 24: Shia

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Character #24, Shia. This is another 2 part character, you’ll have to see the other OC too to understand her.

Shia was once a normal girl. Then she hit that point in life where she got distressed over emotional issues and couldn’t take it. One day, she discovered the Black Pin, which told her it would take all her problems away. Upon donning this badge, all the color has been drained from her, transforming her into the entity of black. After rampaging around, the Elders of Gray sought her out and banished her to the Wayside World.

She controls black light and bends it in the form of arrows.

Upon accepting the burden of the entity of black, she has been locked into the wayside world, a world of pure black and white. She exists in the White Way, while the entity of white exists in the Black Way.

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