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Nevermind : status: heroine

Unconcerned with any attention, accolades , praise , or fame for the vast amounts of good she has done, very few know that Nevermind actually exists. Only telepaths , telekinetics, and other neoviduals who’s core powers center around the mind can sense her presence.

Nevermind prefers to watch from afar and silently the ripple effect of the good she does as it unfolds. Her preferred method of crime fighting is preventing a crime or misdeed in progress by planting the suggestion in the brain of the criminal to stop the crime in progress. But her methods do not end there. In addition, Nevermind plants the action that causes the criminal to make their way to the nearest place of law enforcement and begin confessing to every crime currently and previously committed in totality. Nevermind spends much of her time on patrol due to the fact that she will only plant suggestions into the mind of a person who is in the actual act of committing the crime. Thus, in her eyes, giving her just cause to act. Neovidual villains , though mostly silent about it, are always weary of her presence when they commit crimes as she has become somewhat of an urban legend.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

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  1. Jara says:

    I love NeverMind’s power, mission and execution! Such an effective, non-messy way to fight crime. I wish I had this power without the headache of having to persuade people to do better. 🙂

  2. G.R. says:

    Hi Jara! So glad you like the concept! I too, am very fond of Nevermind and look forward to featuring her in upcoming stories. Yes, very effective- as soon as the confessions are done- the totality of the wrongdoings linger in the minds of miscreants Nevermind encounters. And that’s even after the effects of her powers have lifted once they turn themselves in.
    This post pondering is due to an aspect of her power. While confessing, criminals relive the experiences in their minds. Not in their P.O.V.- but that of the closest possible representation of their victims – as they look back at themselves like a mirror. What they’ve done to others- they do to themselves by their own hand in the process. This, along with the fear of ever encountering Nevermind again, is usually persuasion enough for most criminals.

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