Days 14-16 Nook, Tunk, S’more

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#14, 15, and 16
Alignment: Neutral, Good, and Neutral
Energy Affinity: Sonic, Force, and Fire
Ignited felines
     Nook, Tunk, and S’more make up three of ‘The Five’, a group of five cats who control CosmiCat’s subdivision known as the Seven Streets. These three cats get along well, and aren’t interested in the power struggles that the other two of the five seem to be locked in.
     Nook runs a secret dance club for cats, and he has the power to manipulate sound. He can produce any sound he can thnk of, amplify or dampen sound, and launch a painful sonic attack.
     Tunk is super strong, but somewhat less than super smart.
     S’more is super fast and has super sharp and strong claws.


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