#20 Hessena the Mermaid

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She took another painful step.  One of most likely thousands she had taken.  One of millions she was willing to take.  It wasn’t as though she had been ignorant of the pain she was to feel if she was to walk on land with legs like men- she had been warned, shards of glass and the like.  Being trapped on the ground, incapable of floating upwards, however, had effects she had not considered.  Although Hessenah was well familiar with the rules above the water, having spent more than enough time on outcroppings and seashores, she had not realized quite how confining it would be.  And carrying her own weight- she was fully capable of it, the muscle form needed for it came with the spell which gave her legs and feet- but she had not expected it to make her feel so pinned down.  So constantly trapped.

She knew that she had not been the first to take the offer, to take the spell and walk upright and on dry land.  But she honestly could not understand how the others had not returned within the hour, realizing that no affection or interest could overshadow the fact that they were better off swimming free and unfettered.  She would not compare herself to them.  Her cause was dire, her reason for leaving the waves drove her with deeper pain and heavier weight than any her counterfeit form could assault her with.

Hessenah would not compare herself to her foolish little sister, impulsive and careless, who had allowed herself to be lured onto land by the smooth tongue of a handsome fisherman, into the hands of a ruthless love which in the end had killed her.  With a smile as sharp as the pain of her steps, she wondered what that fisherman think when he realized that he had once again drawn a maiden from the sea.  Before he realized that what he had called up this time little more than vengeance.  Little more than his own slow and painful death.

For a mermaid was just as capable of killing a man with her own bare hands as she was capable of luring him off of a cliff.  the old stories were true, and they were right.  It always ended in blood and tears, and a wise fisherman should count himself lucky to have never met her kind.


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