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Blah. Too tired to make a more polished one but I don’t want to fall behind again.
Hondo was originally concieved as a companion and lover of Tallory in the post-timeskip A Jagged Road story, although honestly at this point the entire post-timeskip story is probably gonna get tossed, and Tallory herself may not be sticking around, at least not in her current form. Still, I like Hondo and like Nubia he’s growing on me as I develop his character.
Hondo was born into nobility. Being the ancient world, and the lack of options for decadence and luxury, Hondo took up hunting as a hobby – one that requires a fair amount of survival and wilderness skill in the ancient desert land. Tallory is a highly visible celebrity in the region both as a pale-skinned foreigner and also as a skilled swordswoman, and Hondo was drawn to her at occasional gatherings she attended. When the older jaded Tallory leaves her missionary group to start a mercenary band, he signs up.

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