#24 Emmanuel

| November 25, 2011 | 1 Comment

A sapient, self-determining android, serving as an official aide to the orchid princess. He is capable of operating most of the equipment on the Iris, yet does not have the authorization to pilot it, as he is not an operative of the capsule-city, but only one’s aide. They have developed a quiet friendship and an unspoken loyalty towards each other. He, being the most physically imposing, usually handles defence operations, though his placid manner often hinders his efforts to intimidate potential dangers. However, in combat situations he proves to be efficient and swift, and his pneumatic-powered armature gives him uncanny strength and durability.

He is seen here extruding an aerosol fixation membrane to conduct an in-depth analysis of the atmosphere.

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  1. gonzalexx says:

    Very very cool.

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