#24 “Supernicus”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Here we see Supernicus testing out his new Walking Deathbot (Featuring optional laser targeting system and manual crank handle for optimum user control! Order now!).

At first glance, Supernicus looks like a harmless old guy– gray hair, glasses, and very, very short. However, Supernicus has a superpower: an intellect beyond genius, which he uses to invent nefarious devices that he then sells to common criminals or uses to commit crimes of his own. His crimes are planned out to even the smallest contingency, and always executed perfectly. He has devices that can stop any hero from laying a finger on him, making him practically unstoppable. In other words, Supernicus is a practically unheard of successful supervillain. At this point in his career, he only robs to show off his latest inventions, and the heroes don’t even make an attempt to stop him when they see him.


His latest plot, to rob Heroes Bank (exclusively serving those with secret identities) runs into an unexpected road bump in the form of The Beacon, just setting up her new secret identity’s account. Supernicus’ intellect is able to process exactly what’s happening as he is unable to stop himself from rescuing The Beacon from the scene of his own crime. He makes it his personal mission to find out more about her and possibly devise a way to destroy her, the only foe he can’t personally hurt.


Supernicus is so belligerent because he has trouble relating to people. He has no friends, because no one can keep up with him in conversation or really understands him as a person at all. His only solace from loneliness is keeping busy working on the latest project. He found that no one wanted to buy or use inventions unless they destroyed things, and had been used successfully in a public venue. So, Supernicus dedicated his life to committing crimes as a way of showcasing his advanced weaponry. He doesn’t know what to do with all the money he makes.

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