#25 Eixonraider

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Eixonraider is my love letter to Toei Company’s metal hero franchise series of shows that came out in the 1980’s to the late 1990’s.

Eixonraider is a intergalactic police officer from an unknown sector in space. His purpose, to preserve life wherever he finds it in danger and willing to help in any way he can. In order to not cause attention, he disguises as Rent Courtlant, a blogger and a freelance artist struggling to earn a living. Whenever danger comes, he puts on his eixonbelt and transforms with the phrase”Eixon Henshin(henshin means transform in Japanese) into Eixonraider.

Height:6’0 Weight:198 lbs. Age:27(321 in his sector ‘s years) Race:Bigatrian


He uses hand to hand combat skills, and great reflexes.


He uses his Eixon Belt to convey many uses such a sword called the Eixonblade, a pistol called the Eixongun, among other things.




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