#25 – Nadia

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Nadia spent much of her childhood wanting to become an actress, and maybe even, at some point or another, a director.  Then, in high school, Julia, who sarcastically suggested she should be an action star, invited her to a “really cool club”.  Nadia reluctantly accepted the invitation, and followed the sophomore to a classroom in the 2nd floor.


Turns out that Nadia had been tricked into joining Julia’s group with the big emphasis on game shows and obstacle courses.  This scam was what prompted Megumi (Meg) to devise a rule that Julia must now follow:  No recruiting students without their permission.  Nadia was Julia’s 4th “recruit”.


Between Julia’s lectures about her plans and her keeping an eye on the other members, Nadia feels very uncomfortable about being watched over by such a strict leader.  In fact, she’s even scared of trying to sneak out.


Nadia is very shy and gets nervous easily.  She also worries a lot about the possible future that awaits if something were to go wrong.


Nadia is 18 years old.

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