#25: Nahid Athari

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Name: Nahid Athari

Birthday: 18 February

Guardian: Mom

Location: Ottawa, ON

Handlename: auxiliaryAssassin

Typing style: Perfect punctuation and capitalization, but has ishues wif spelling.

Fetch Modus: PURSE

This modus acts as an infinite bag of holding, allowing the user to captchalogue an item and store it in the Sylladex. The user may remove any item at any time, no matter what order items were added, but good luck finding it.

Kind Abstratus: LASERKIND

A laser gun made by combining a cap gun with a laser pointer. The combination of the two is, apparently, a lethal combination.

Initially, she wielded a kitchen knife, but she never allocated it to anything . She simply picked it up and used it.

Title: The Maven of Time


Tier 1: Green octopus plush toy (pre-entry)

Tier 2: The lobster which was supposed to have been dinner (pre-entry)

Effect: Tentacles with suckers and claws

Dream: Prospit

Planet: The Land of Wheels and Icicles

Consorts: polite, chartreuse seals

Associated Element: Water

Associated Item: Glass

Denizen: Phorcys


Time-travel. Can jump to different moments in time and exist simultaneously at a single moment in time. Can travel backwards in time and return to initial time period. Creating “new” instances of herself can lead to the discovery of “omega timelines”, which are ones which have deviated from the alpha timeline so much that they have been marked for destruction. If that Omega Maven returns to the alpha timeline and merges with the Alpha Maven, she can remember what doomed that timeline and avoid it (the effect of merging with versions of herself which are marked for destruction has yet to be seen).


Nahid Athari came from Iran to Canada when she was just a baby, so she has no memories of it. She lives with only her mother and is strictly forbidden from asking about her father. She assumes he was the reason she left Iran. Her interests lie in MARINE BIOLOGY, but not to the extent her mother believes. She just finds it fascinating. There is really no need to keep buying her PLUSH TOYS of MARINE FAUNA. She is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, for crying out loud.

She can read and write in English, speak Farsi, and mock French. For some reason, she sleep-graffitis her walls with the word “AEON” a lot. She enjoys SOUNDTRACK MUSIC and FILM REMAKES OF MUSICALS. She likes to sing these songs, which she does badly. ANIME is her guilty pleasure. Discussion of the latest episode of CRANE BOY (the epic tale of a boy who learns that his mother was a bird) is what introduced her to her BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. The fact that they have never met face-to-face does not detract from that in any way.

She is the FOURTH PLAYER to play SBURB. She entered the Medium well before the countdown on the CURXTRUDER reached zero by turning over an CRUXITE HOURGLASS.

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