#25 – The Cart Protector

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#25 – The Cart Protector

Every Black Friday shopping event has this colorful character, typically working in unison with a woman dashing about and picking up things from store shelves. The Cart Protector’s job is to do just that, protect the cart and items within it from people who would unscrupulously try to steal them because the store has run out.

His primary characteristic is a hovering motion around the cart and eyeing everyone that comes within two feet with suspicion. Heaven help the person who wants to look at a shelf or rack near the cart protectors cart because they are usually snapped at.

In the end, the Cart Protector has no desire to spend his morning chained to a shopping cart as his wife darts back and forth, but has come to realize that trying to sit at home and relax on his day off will only result in incessant bickering for the rest of the evening. This tends to make the Cart Protector rather grumpy toward everyone in his vicinity.

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