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Yeah, yeah, I’m late. My phone can’t upload pictures so I wanted to find a comouter and post from there, but I haven’t found the time. I’m worried that I’ll be kicked out before I do get the time, so I’ll just post them all sad and pictureless. I have 23 right now.

Anyway, so my first character is Felix. He’s training at a sort of supervillain academy. The school works in that you start as a henchman and try to rise your way up to be a full-blown villain with henchmen of your own. Think store worker to CEO, except, ya know, nefarious. Felix is a teenager and thus is old enough to lead his own little band of mooks to carry out deeds for his villain. He pretty much picked all of his friends at the school. They’re the ‘distracter’ group, I’ll tell you why they’re necessary to the plans soon. Anyway, Felix likes to stick to the instructions given out to him by his leader…maybe too well, since if his plans unfold wrong somehow, he’s left floundering until one of his more ingenious underlings comes up with another one.

The next character is Alessa, and she’s in a superhero academy. It works differently than the supervillain school. Here you serve in a kind of apprenticeship under one superhero and when you’ve learned enough, you either take up their mantle or become their sidekick. Sort of like knights, you know? Anyway, the superheroes have their code of chivalry too, and one of the rules is that you must always stop and help anyone in need. This is why the supervillain distracters work so well. They act as citizens, or even other superheroes in peril. They also plant evidence and create red herrings that the superheroes are forced to follow. These deeds leave enough time for the villains to execute their plots. Alessa is irritated by the rule because she constantly finds herself stopping to, oh, help someone’s cat out of a tree when she should be chasing the villain. Skipping over people gets her in trouble with her mentor. Alessa tends to try to fight whatever she feels is the biggest threat at the moment, usually letting everything else slide when she does so.

Alessa and Felix accidentally meet when she skips over a distraction that would have given him enough time to start the next one. Instead she runs into him ahead of schedule. She demands to know what he’s doing and who he is, and, being a sucky improviser, he decides just to tell her the truth. Both of their operations that day fail because she deems him not to be that bad and they pretty much spend the rest of the time just talking and finding out about each others’ pretty much opposite lives.

Anyway, to skip to the point, they start dating in a not-so-secret way. In an avoidance of the ever-annoying romeo and juliet plot, their friends and mentors do not especially care. So Felix is dating some superhero girl, so what? As long as he keeps helping them succesfully commit crimes and he doesn’t tattle to her or anything, they’re good. And Alessa is dating some supervillain guy? Fine, as long as she keeps stopping his plots. That’s the difficult part for them, being against each other while, ya know, still being with each other. And if they fail enough, they’ll get kicked out of their respective schools for good.

Kay, hopefully this wasn’t too horrid or incoherent. Hope it made up for the no picture thing :c.

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