#26 – Game Boy

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#26 – Game Boy

Game Boy is a second generation gamer who takes his games very seriously. While he isn’t endowed with super powers, some say that he has lightning quick reflexes and pin point accuracy in pushing buttons. Born into an era of advanced technology gaming systems, GB has no issue with tackling tough technology turbulence.

His father, Game Boy Original, laid the foundation of the importance of gaming early in life. Training from an early age on Atari, Intellevision, and 8 bit Nintendo, only to encounter his version of kryptonite – the multi button controller. Out of frustration he walked away from gaming after realizing there were advancements beyond the Sega Genesis.

Game Boy now carries on the mantle and eagerly looks forward to amazing graphics, interaction, and as many buttons as you could possibly fit on a plastic controller. No game is too challenging and no button combination too formidable. He lives to fight crime, ogres, vampires, zombies, soldiers, and whatever else is thrown his way.

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