#5 Alcina

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My fifth character is Alcina, a faun hanging out in NYC. She didn’t live right in Ancient Greece but she was a follower of Pan’s. When she and the rest of the world’s fauns heard of his death, many of them, distraught, committed suicide. She had never met the god in person and so, though she was devastated, wasn’t quite devastated enough to out and out kill herself.
After a bunch of wacky misadventures in Europe and Asia she hopped a boat to the barely-a-century-old USA and was surprised to see how huge and thriving it was. New York’s Central Park was just being built and she decided to stick around there to see how it would go. She’s been there ever since.

Now her official job is a ranger for the park, but she also likes to make the rounds to the about 1,400 other parks in the city (yes there are apparently that many). She hides her legs with really long, fluffy skirts and boots and her horns with hats that she makes herself. She can’t hide her square pupils but tells people they’re just contacts. They don’t tend to notice or ask anyway, which is another thing she likes about NYC.

Alcina is usually pretty laid back and attempts not to draw attention to herself lest people discover her disguise. However, if anyone brings up a topic she feels passionate about, she will launch into a very knowlegable yet lengthy and opinionated rant about it. People who know her tend to try to avoid such topics as the environment, animal cruelty, urbanization, genetic engineering and the like. She is very liberal, having absorbed radical ideas for centuries. Her lectures, however, tend to be less about swaying others’ opinions and more about making hers loud and clear.

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