#8 George and #9 Specs

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So now here’s George and Specs. Phew. After this I’m gonna take a break until tomorrow.

George is a jock. He’s popular and athletic, the quarterback of his football team. His girlfriend recently broke up with him because she was getting sick of having every single plan of theirs getting canceled in lieu of football practices or games or having to hang out with his team members. She kicked him out of her locker. He’d never bothered getting his own since he shared hers but he’s forced to now.
George takes football pretty seriously and is hoping to go to college on a sports scholarship. If he gets injured he’d rather hide it and try to work through the pain. He likes to take care of problems as soon as possible so they won’t bother him later. If he can’t take care of them he’ll agressively ignore then instead.

Specs was a girl that died in the same school about 50 years before. She doesn’t remember her real name anymore. Her nickname is a play off of her giant spectacles and the word spectre since she becomes a ghost. Ghosts are pretty uncommon and she’s only one because she unwittingly made a deal with the devil. Ya see, when she died, she didn’t really want to acknowledge the fact. She turned away from the light and in the opposite direction was not the physical world again but a mysterious figure. He told her that he was an angel that could bring her back to Earth if only she would promise him something. She said yes without thinking and he informed her the promise was that, since she didn’t want to give her soul up, she would have to take another in exchange. She then came back as a ghost, haunting her old locker (she can also haunt the lock) She was horrified at what she had promised to and decided to just hide in the locker and never come out. Unfortunately the ‘angel’ has grown impatient and is demanding she give him a soul soon or he’ll take hers now. She doesn’t want either to happen.

Specs appears to George (and only George) as soon as he’s assigned the locker and, even though she doesn’t even know if he can help, pleads for it. This seems like a problem that’s definitely out of his league so he tries to ignore the whole thing. However it turns out that she is involuntarily taking his life and energy anyway with every interaction. He can’t ignore this anymore and they both try to figure out a solution before he out and out dies.
George is frustrated and angry that this ghost girl has invaded his very happy life. He grows worse and worse at football and his teammates are startung to think he’s going crazy, talking to his lock and all.

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