No. 20 & 21- Mighty White & Whiteout

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Couldn't get hold of a scanner so I switched to low quality camera shots!

Names: Mighty White and Whiteout

Actual Names: (Mighty White) Samuel Murphy, (Whiteout) Stan Murphy

Ages: (Mighty White) 72, (Whiteout) 22

Occupations: (Mighty White) Former Superhero, (Whiteout) Mercenary/Assassin/ Vigilante

Short Background:
For a time, there were very few superheroes in Birmingham during the Civil Rights Movement. Most heroes stayed on the north side of the Mason-Dixon line or moved north to avoid getting entangled in politics. Only one hero stayed in the South, and that hero was Mighty White. Samuel Murphy gained powers after being exposed to a strange aircraft. He soon found himself with the strength of one hundred men and the ability to fly. He decided to use his powers for the good of all mankind.

His father, a member of the KKK, figured that it would be best to use his son as the face of Jim Crow. He convinced his son that a law can’t be wrong and that it was his job to enforce them. Genuinely believing this, Sam set out to do his part in maintaining the status quo.

But then, things changed. The world suddenly became a different place and Sam found himself on the losing side of the battle. Many heroes finally had enough and came to support the Civil Rights Movement. Eventually, integration was allowed and became the new status quo.
Because history is written by the winners, Sam was vilified and heavily criticized by heroes and citizens alike. Confused and disillusioned, he vanished from the public eye and was never seen again.

He eventually grew into an angry bitter old man filled with resentment towards a world that didn’t understand what he had been trying to do. His anger was passed down to his son and then finally to his grandson, Stanley.
Stanley spent his entire life being taught that the world was already against him and that there was no such thing as real heroes. Because of this, he dedicated his life to training and became a mercenary to finance his ultimate goal. To set the scales right and return the status quo.

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