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Day 17- Beacon

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#17 Beacon
Alignment: Good
Energy Affinity: Light

     Beacon is the God of light and travel in the fictional world of Veterinarians and Vacuums.

     In his mortal life, the cat who would ascend to become Beacon was an accomplished explorer who
founded the Rescue Guild, a group of selfless adventurers who sought out lost or even kidnapped persons.
He carved a path into the dark wilderness for civilization to expand. 

     White wizards who spread the word of Beacon strive to light dark places for the safety of all.
They are granted the power to cast the spell 'Illumina' a number of times per day equal to their
white wizard class level.



#13 – Hestanna Flug

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(This started out as a drawing of Hestana working on something, and turned into Hestana in a sky-craft, and an excuse to design a little. After a visit to the Natural History Museum of Seattle, I’m now imagining all the littler skycraft designs as various insect-like designs, like waterbeetles, ladybugs, etc. Made from reed and clear material akin to vinyl that they create from the sap one of the plants native to Himmerd. The materials are as light as possible, but also have to be rigidly constructed to hold up to wind, air speed, etc)


Hestana takes after her Aunt Bromella, which is no surprise since her mother was Bromella’s sister. That makes Hestana Kendric’s cousin, and his very best friend. They grew up racing and competing with each other, seeing who could explore the island first or master some new trick or skill first. When they were first allowed a small training ‘bug’, they would end up in childish brawls over who could use it first, when, how long. It wasn’t long before Their parents agreed that they each needed a skycraft or they would never stop fighting. But the moment they each had their own, they spent any moment they had excuse to get away from their chores exploring the sky and surroundings of Himmerd. Hestana is about 2 years older than Kendric, so she sees the relationship as a protective-older sister. She is married to a gruff man named Job (a marriage Kendric insists shouldn’t work, but does). Hestana’s giggly exploring nature leads her into constant fights with Job, but in the end, they both love each other dearly, if for no other reason than they’re both too bull-headed to live with anyone else. Though she has already had one child and is trying for another, her motherhood has never grounded her (to her husband’s dismay), in fact, it has inspired her to be even more of a show-off to impress her daughter.

Her other distinction is in small-craft building. Though her mother shoved her off to apprentice with Bromella early on when she first noticed her ability with tools (and Bromella’s disappointment in Kendric’s ability to focus on any manual task), Hestanna has always abhored maintenance, and loved the joy of creating new things. As soon as the other islanders took note of her ability to make sturdy elegant single-person skycraft, she never had a lack of requests, and shirked off any other chores as often as possible to ‘indulge the community’. She is constantly tweaking her personal ‘bug’ as her flight demands change or she gets new inspiration. A day she isn’t in the skies is a lost day, to her.

#12 – Paranoid C

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(yes, this is a minecraft character…)
Ever since she’d moved to this new location, she couldn’t keep the monsters at bay. Her remote island home seemed like adream now, despite the dark chasm next to her house. Despite the dark Endermen who stared back at her every night. When she saw sheep and cattle grazing on the tall hillsides after crossing the ocean, she thought life would be simpler. But even doors weren’t keeping them out now. Zombies had come by and bitten her in her bed, and Skeletons waited around every corner to shoot at her. She felt luck that a creeper had not found his way in yet, because even keeping a sword with her in bed wouldn’t save her from a midnight explosion…

Day 27: Cozy cat lady

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It starts out as one. Pretty soon you have 15.

#27 Dieter

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Day 27, Dieter, one of the two members of the November Criminals. This was an old idea that I came across while looking through old sketchbooks kept in highschool (brought upon in history class, no less). The idea was two young boys with the misconception of power, and obsession for authoritarian values and childish epicureanism. They’re like, 13.




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I wanted to create a creepy monster this time. This guy is definitely a shadow lurker

#27 Tripti-Q

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#26 Yabitz

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#23 – Sparrow

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I was reading some of the new Teen Titan comics and never liked the new Red Robin designs. Ironic how I based a bit of Sparrow’s costume from his. The wings can retract and expand. They’re mainly for steering. She has a tiny rocket backpack that gives her power to fly.

#22 – Marcus Apheus

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Marcus is an interesting character that I really want to use in some of my stories. He’s a WIP that I like to develop more. I might create his parents later.

#21 – Professor Luna Nocturne

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I wanted to make a non-magical Nocturne, so I chose to make #6’s mother. She still loves her husband though he passed away years ago.

#20 – Catalyst

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I think my biology homework was getting to me while I was thinking of this character. He’s practically a catalyst in human form.

#27 Ellie Iselin

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Name: Ellie Iselin

Birthday: May 2

Guardian: Uncle

Location: middle-of-nowhere, Nevada

Handlename: candidCultivator

Typing style: uses semicolons in place of other forms of punctuation [and square brackets];

only capitalizes proper nouns, like Nevada and Las Vegas;

Fetch Modus: VORTEX (also called HEART)

A network-like modus, in which most nodes are leaf nodes or parent nodes with at most two children at the same level. Items are placed at random around a single node which acts as a central hub. There is a limit to how many items can be stored in there (the first item added which is not the hub node is ejected at terrifying and potentially damaging speeds), but items can be retrieved regardless of order of entry. Do not try to remove the hub node. No, seriously. Do not try to retrieve it. NOTE: not responsible for any property damage or bodily harm caused by ejection of item(s).

Kind Abstratus: SPECTERKIND

First a toy replica of the MOON SPECTER belonging to a specific herione who will remained unnamed.

Upgraded it by combining its Captchacode with one for a metal pipe. Doesn’t have any special attacks, but does still light up and make sounds. Is also much better for hitting things with.

Tends to use in conjunction with her powers, but not necessary at all.

Title: The Smith of Dreams


Tier 1: Two taxidermied parakeets, and one live parakeet which was lonely without the other two

Effect: 3 pairs of wings and a tendency to chirp. Is torn between isolating themselves and socializing.


Planet: The Land of Foam and Sand

Consorts: Shy, plum doves

Associated Element: Air

Associated Item: Stone

Denizen: Erebus


Can freely navigate dreams without being asleep. Capable of entering Dream Bubbles, making them, and observing them from outside. Can remove items from dreams, making them real. Dreamed of Prospit and Derse before the Game without a proper dream self (currently missing).


When she was very young, her parents died in a FREAK METEOR CRASH and was raised by her uncle ever since. That’s the story he tells her at the very least, so it probably is true. She lives with him in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, NEVADA because her uncle has been BANNED FROM EVERY CASINO IN LAS VEGAS and can’t bear to live in any other city. He does not collect TAXIDERMIED PARAKEETS so much as he raises parakeets and has them stuffed when they die. As creepy as it is to be stared at by several pairs of glass eyes, it could be worse. It could be much worse.

She is interested in COMPUTER SCIENCE and CRYPTOGRAPHY, but is rather poor at both. Her love of ANIME and MANGA is the worst kept secret in the world. Recently, she has been falling out of love with them, but she will keep two animes close to her heart: ONE WHICH WILL REMAINED UNNAMED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS and CRANE BOY, a unique take on a common folktale. It is how she made her closest friends. SPICY FOOD is the bane of her existence, as are caffeinated beverages. HERBAL TEAS are the best. Shut up, Tolya! She’s totally right. Even Nahid agrees, right, Nahid? Nahid? Come back!

She is the FIRST PLAYER to play SBURB. She entered the Medium when the CRUXITE DAFFODIL bloomed.

#27 – Eebull the Westler

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Day 27 - Eebull the Wrestler by George Ward

Eebull is a genetical altered human with some bull DNA.  His violent temper and hard forehead (with horns) have had his life difficult.  He was breed to be a warrior but he was hard to control and would disobey orders whenever he felt like it.  Discharged, he was given a place to live and a small income to survive on.  Bored, he eventually joined the wrestling ring and did well for himself.

#25 Amun-Em-Helmholtz

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Heinrich Helmholtz led the Geistmacht, a cadre of elite Nazi officers trained in the occult. During the North African Campaign of World War II, the Geistmacht was in Egypt, searching for ways to prolong the lives of Hitler and his lieutenants. The Geistmacht immersed themselves in ancient Egyptian mysticism, growing in power every day. Helmholtz eventually declared himself Amun-Em-Helmholtz, the new manifestation of Amun Ra on earth.

As the Allies began to drive the Nazis out of North Africa, the Geistmacht were forced to use their arcane knowledge to have themselves mummified, expecting themselves to be revived after the Third Reich’s eventual victory.

With the Third Reich’s fall, the Geistmacht were left to sleep in the Sahara Desert until they were accidentally discovered by looters in the early 21st century. Awakened to an unsuspecting world, the Geistmacht began advancing with the goal of setting up Amun-Em-Helmholtz as the pharaoh of the Fourth Reich.

Eventually the Geistmacht were defeated by The Squadronnaires.

#24 Leon Sethands

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The Scarlet Phantom is shrouded in mystery. Is he friend or fiend? Dr Spector has run into Scarlet Phantom on a number of occasions. Sometimes on the same side, other times as enemies. His motives are not clear but one thing is very clear. He strikes fear into those he confronts and he wields powerful skills and weapons that leave his targets helpless and outclassed.


#27 –

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octopus lady

#23 Sofia

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A yellow-eyed changeling living with a wealthy old Victorian family, the Claudierres.

#27 – Psychotic Spud

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#27 – Psychotic Spud

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice helping of leftover mashed potatoes the day after Thanksgiving? Well, if you’re Marv Spinkle, the technician at a Nuclear Power plant, you might not. You see, Marv decided to heat up his leftovers in the reactor core instead of taking the five extra minutes to walk down the hall to the breakroom.

Little did he know that his large pile of mashed potatoes would morph into a gooey pile of sentient life, one that was hell bent on destroying all the humans who had pounded his family into a smooth filling substance. Through the heating process, Psychotic Spud was born and the world learned to fear the potato once again.

This picture drawn by my talented son, JT.

#24 Familiar

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Grizelda is a young familiar spirit who acts as a sidekick to Viscount Konstantin Turksbane. A young, mischievous spirit, Grizelda hadn’t yet been warped by black magic when Turksbane found and killed the witch that had recently conjured her.

With no where else to go, Grizelda became Turksbane’s familiar, helping him track and defend against magic and mystical beings.

Grizelda’s abilities include acting as a go-between with the spirit world, aiding in the casting of spells and transforming into a cat.

#27 Leather Pig

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He probably wears that under his street clothes.


Leather Pig is into some things you’ve probably never heard of.

#26 Otter

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I trim, sometimes.


Otter is confident enough to take his shirt off at the clubs, even around all of the waxed twinks.

30 Characters – Done!

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I apologize for a scrolling, 30-picture post, but I tried just posting links…and the pictures seem to show up anyway! My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. ):

Excluding Chuck (first), who was created before November, Psyche (rabbit), Dr. Lee (fox), Riccardo (dog), and Eli (cat) make #1-4! They are all part of my senior project.

#5 – Oliver, the pangolin fry cook.

#6 – Edmund, brown bat, works for the newspaper!

#7 – Pete, kangal dog and competing bodybuilder.

#8 – Julio, coyote luchador!

#9 – Amelia, chinchilla and tattoo artist.

#10 – Nha’ak, pronounced “Knock”, a dragon.

#11 – The gorilla wyvern/wyrm/monster, whom I like the least, alas.

#12 – Abana, zebra singer who is lovingly based off Adele.

#13 – Alan, pitbull, has political aspirations.

#14 – Alex, hippopotamus, and man of God!

#15 – Benjamin, lion; he’s blind, so a very attentive listener.

#16 – Bill, Benjamin’s brother, isn’t quite as fond of listening.

#17 – Dale, red ruffed lemur, singing his heart out. His garage band never made it out of the garage.

#18 – Dan, donkey, wants to sell you something.

#19 – Garrett, boar, needs to see some I.D.

#20 – Tex, Irish wolfhound and head of a mechanic crew.

# 21 – Sam, skunk, alliteration not intended.

#22 – Beatrice, ostrich fashion designer.

#23 – Kali, aardwolf, playing tennis! She’s not pro, but she would like to be.

#24 – Hal, toucan, wants to make you a drank.

#25 – Emmanuel, polar bear, showing off his catch of the day.

#26 – Lexi, border collie, playing her harmonica!

#27 – Andrew, kangaroo, playing banjo alongside Lexi. Easily my favorite of the whole challenge!

#28 – Chris, horse and painter, getting the feeling that someone’s watching him.

#29 – Landon, alligator and aspiring-to-go-pro football player.

#30 – Jackson, red panda and skateboarding aficionado!

And that’s all he wrote – and drew!


~ J. Fitz

#25 Trouser Snake

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All right, that’s enough of that.

#24 Hipster Unicorn

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My rainbow is a fixed gear.


Hipster Unicorn dyes his hair pink ironically.

#23 Wallie Douglas

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My mom doesn't want me running around in gym because of my asthma


Wallie Douglas usually gets a doctor’s note exusing him from gym class.

#22 Mable Foxwald

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Could you be a dear and take me to the pharmacy?


Mable Foxwald needs to pick up some milk of magnesia, and a box of kleenex.

Day 27: Aarika The Red

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Aarika Hougestag was born on the Terran colony New Stockholm in the year 2480.  She spent the first six years of her life there in relative normalcy.  Her parents were Kristoff and Magdalene Hougestag, Both civil engineers for the colony government.  Then in 2486 the colony was attacked by The Torgol Trade Conglomerate: A group that raids sparsely populated areas and takes off with a percentage of the population for black market slavery rings.  Aarika saw her father and mother killed in the firefight.  She and other survivors were carted off and sold into a slave ring.  She endured terrible hardship for the next 4 years before finally escaping by stowing away on a smuggling vessel.  The captain, a former slave himself recognized her markings and took pity on her.  She was adopted by the crew of the BLACK NOVA as both crew member and surrogate child. Aarika over time grew to adulthood, and rose in rank to 1st officer of The Black Nova.  Things were going well enough until her ship was attacked and destroyed by A small fleet of Thrallian battle cruisers.  Only her and two passengers: Symane Braxis and Gerald Clement managed to make it to the escape pods and make it to safety.  They were later joined by other members in forming the interstellar group of adventurers known as GOLUNDAN CORP.  Aarika is a master of small weapons and hand to hand combat, and although was regarded as a loose cannon by the other members, she eventually earned her place as a valued member of the group!

#21 Middle Management Frog

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That's enough of a lunchbreak, swim back to those reports.


#20 Fat Bird

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Easy on the seeds, bud.


Fat bird could stand to do some more flying.