#13 – Hestanna Flug

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(This started out as a drawing of Hestana working on something, and turned into Hestana in a sky-craft, and an excuse to design a little. After a visit to the Natural History Museum of Seattle, I’m now imagining all the littler skycraft designs as various insect-like designs, like waterbeetles, ladybugs, etc. Made from reed and clear material akin to vinyl that they create from the sap one of the plants native to Himmerd. The materials are as light as possible, but also have to be rigidly constructed to hold up to wind, air speed, etc)


Hestana takes after her Aunt Bromella, which is no surprise since her mother was Bromella’s sister. That makes Hestana Kendric’s cousin, and his very best friend. They grew up racing and competing with each other, seeing who could explore the island first or master some new trick or skill first. When they were first allowed a small training ‘bug’, they would end up in childish brawls over who could use it first, when, how long. It wasn’t long before Their parents agreed that they each needed a skycraft or they would never stop fighting. But the moment they each had their own, they spent any moment they had excuse to get away from their chores exploring the sky and surroundings of Himmerd. Hestana is about 2 years older than Kendric, so she sees the relationship as a protective-older sister. She is married to a gruff man named Job (a marriage Kendric insists shouldn’t work, but does). Hestana’s giggly exploring nature leads her into constant fights with Job, but in the end, they both love each other dearly, if for no other reason than they’re both too bull-headed to live with anyone else. Though she has already had one child and is trying for another, her motherhood has never grounded her (to her husband’s dismay), in fact, it has inspired her to be even more of a show-off to impress her daughter.

Her other distinction is in small-craft building. Though her mother shoved her off to apprentice with Bromella early on when she first noticed her ability with tools (and Bromella’s disappointment in Kendric’s ability to focus on any manual task), Hestanna has always abhored maintenance, and loved the joy of creating new things. As soon as the other islanders took note of her ability to make sturdy elegant single-person skycraft, she never had a lack of requests, and shirked off any other chores as often as possible to ‘indulge the community’. She is constantly tweaking her personal ‘bug’ as her flight demands change or she gets new inspiration. A day she isn’t in the skies is a lost day, to her.

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