#25 Reel 2 Reel

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Movie Fanatics are some of the most obsessive of the collectors lot. That’s one reason that Collect-o sought out  Reel 2 Reel. In his regular life R2R refused to distinguish reality and fiction. Always annoying people with his need to bring everything back to movies always using phrases like “I couldn’t have scripted that better” and asking questions like “who would play you in the movie of your life?” and then arguing the answer. He is one of the most fearsome members of the Collection Agency because he can physically back up his mania training many years to become a Hollywood stunt man he is trained in multiple martial arts styles. No one can fake a death (or death scene as he likes to call it) like Reel 2 Reel. It’s uncertain why he’s allied himself against Tank-Monkey as Tank-Monkey doesn’t have anything he wants.

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Jesse Kiefer at your service. I am a full time elementary art teacher in Nebraska. I teach grades K-5 for 2 schools. In my free time I'm a martial arts instructor, and I try to update a webcomic at http://www.tankmonkeycomic.com. You can find me on twitter @jessekiefer and on Faceboook http://www.facebook.com/vorpalarrow

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