#26 Mr. Ogden (next-door neighbor)

| November 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Everyone has a Mr. Ogden, he’s the cranky old neighbor of Tank-Monkey. He’s never having a good day, what’s so good about it?! Someone is always stealing his daily newspaper, and someone’s dog is always in his yard. And living next door to a tank driving monkey? Don’t even get him started on THAT!

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Jesse Kiefer at your service. I am a full time elementary art teacher in Nebraska. I teach grades K-5 for 2 schools. In my free time I'm a martial arts instructor, and I try to update a webcomic at http://www.tankmonkeycomic.com. You can find me on twitter @jessekiefer and on Faceboook http://www.facebook.com/vorpalarrow

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