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Name: Ellie Iselin

Birthday: May 2

Guardian: Uncle

Location: middle-of-nowhere, Nevada

Handlename: candidCultivator

Typing style: uses semicolons in place of other forms of punctuation [and square brackets];

only capitalizes proper nouns, like Nevada and Las Vegas;

Fetch Modus: VORTEX (also called HEART)

A network-like modus, in which most nodes are leaf nodes or parent nodes with at most two children at the same level. Items are placed at random around a single node which acts as a central hub. There is a limit to how many items can be stored in there (the first item added which is not the hub node is ejected at terrifying and potentially damaging speeds), but items can be retrieved regardless of order of entry. Do not try to remove the hub node. No, seriously. Do not try to retrieve it. NOTE: not responsible for any property damage or bodily harm caused by ejection of item(s).

Kind Abstratus: SPECTERKIND

First a toy replica of the MOON SPECTER belonging to a specific herione who will remained unnamed.

Upgraded it by combining its Captchacode with one for a metal pipe. Doesn’t have any special attacks, but does still light up and make sounds. Is also much better for hitting things with.

Tends to use in conjunction with her powers, but not necessary at all.

Title: The Smith of Dreams


Tier 1: Two taxidermied parakeets, and one live parakeet which was lonely without the other two

Effect: 3 pairs of wings and a tendency to chirp. Is torn between isolating themselves and socializing.


Planet: The Land of Foam and Sand

Consorts: Shy, plum doves

Associated Element: Air

Associated Item: Stone

Denizen: Erebus


Can freely navigate dreams without being asleep. Capable of entering Dream Bubbles, making them, and observing them from outside. Can remove items from dreams, making them real. Dreamed of Prospit and Derse before the Game without a proper dream self (currently missing).


When she was very young, her parents died in a FREAK METEOR CRASH and was raised by her uncle ever since. That’s the story he tells her at the very least, so it probably is true. She lives with him in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, NEVADA because her uncle has been BANNED FROM EVERY CASINO IN LAS VEGAS and can’t bear to live in any other city. He does not collect TAXIDERMIED PARAKEETS so much as he raises parakeets and has them stuffed when they die. As creepy as it is to be stared at by several pairs of glass eyes, it could be worse. It could be much worse.

She is interested in COMPUTER SCIENCE and CRYPTOGRAPHY, but is rather poor at both. Her love of ANIME and MANGA is the worst kept secret in the world. Recently, she has been falling out of love with them, but she will keep two animes close to her heart: ONE WHICH WILL REMAINED UNNAMED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS and CRANE BOY, a unique take on a common folktale. It is how she made her closest friends. SPICY FOOD is the bane of her existence, as are caffeinated beverages. HERBAL TEAS are the best. Shut up, Tolya! She’s totally right. Even Nahid agrees, right, Nahid? Nahid? Come back!

She is the FIRST PLAYER to play SBURB. She entered the Medium when the CRUXITE DAFFODIL bloomed.

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