30 Characters – Done!

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I apologize for a scrolling, 30-picture post, but I tried just posting links…and the pictures seem to show up anyway! My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. ):

Excluding Chuck (first), who was created before November, Psyche (rabbit), Dr. Lee (fox), Riccardo (dog), and Eli (cat) make #1-4! They are all part of my senior project.

#5 – Oliver, the pangolin fry cook.

#6 – Edmund, brown bat, works for the newspaper!

#7 – Pete, kangal dog and competing bodybuilder.

#8 – Julio, coyote luchador!

#9 – Amelia, chinchilla and tattoo artist.

#10 – Nha’ak, pronounced “Knock”, a dragon.

#11 – The gorilla wyvern/wyrm/monster, whom I like the least, alas.

#12 – Abana, zebra singer who is lovingly based off Adele.

#13 – Alan, pitbull, has political aspirations.

#14 – Alex, hippopotamus, and man of God!

#15 – Benjamin, lion; he’s blind, so a very attentive listener.

#16 – Bill, Benjamin’s brother, isn’t quite as fond of listening.

#17 – Dale, red ruffed lemur, singing his heart out. His garage band never made it out of the garage.

#18 – Dan, donkey, wants to sell you something.

#19 – Garrett, boar, needs to see some I.D.

#20 – Tex, Irish wolfhound and head of a mechanic crew.

# 21 – Sam, skunk, alliteration not intended.

#22 – Beatrice, ostrich fashion designer.

#23 – Kali, aardwolf, playing tennis! She’s not pro, but she would like to be.

#24 – Hal, toucan, wants to make you a drank.

#25 – Emmanuel, polar bear, showing off his catch of the day.

#26 – Lexi, border collie, playing her harmonica!

#27 – Andrew, kangaroo, playing banjo alongside Lexi. Easily my favorite of the whole challenge!

#28 – Chris, horse and painter, getting the feeling that someone’s watching him.

#29 – Landon, alligator and aspiring-to-go-pro football player.

#30 – Jackson, red panda and skateboarding aficionado!

And that’s all he wrote – and drew!


~ J. Fitz

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