Day 27: Kent Patches

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Character #27, Kent Patches. I tried to come up with something symbolic, but to no avail.

He’s a black cat with a few white patches, and a serious problem. He has two souls in the same body. “His” soul is blue, and it’s supposed to be coexisting with the other red one. They don’t get along, however, and the red always tries to take over. He fights with himself a lot and is very indecisive. The purple glow comes from these streaks that are under his pelt, they light up when his souls argue, because they reflect the fusion of red and blue. If he regains composure, the lights turn blue and die back down. He doesn’t want to find out what happens if they become red.

He’s self conscious about his internal conflict, and wears a cloak over himself to hide any sign of the streaks. Don’t assume he’s naked under that, he wears shorts.

He sometimes has a funny expression like the one pictured above because of his souls trying to control two different parts of his face. See, if you cover up the right side with a hand, the other half looks calm, vice versa the side looks angry.

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