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#27 – Joshua the Lone Swordsman

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Joshua is a swordsman who is consistently hunting down a particular rival of his whom he seeks revenge against after a humiliating defeat.  Despite this, he is a man of honor and will not harm anyone he doesn’t consider a threat.

#23 Viscount Konstantin Turskbane

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Viscount Konstantin Turksbane

The scion of the house of Turksbane has held the title of Viscount since they fought the Ottoman invasion of Hungary in the 16th century. Since the days of Vlad the Impaler, the Turksbanes have been vampire hunters.

The current Viscount is Konstantin, the last vampire hunter of the Turksbane line. Despite being a professional vampire hunter, there hasn’t been an actual vampire sighting since World War I.

With a lack of vampires in the world, Konstantin Turksbane has spent most of his time hunting witches and ghosts. Konstantin has managed to wipe out most of the witches in Europe.

Day 27: Kent Patches

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Character #27, Kent Patches. I tried to come up with something symbolic, but to no avail.

He’s a black cat with a few white patches, and a serious problem. He has two souls in the same body. “His” soul is blue, and it’s supposed to be coexisting with the other red one. They don’t get along, however, and the red always tries to take over. He fights with himself a lot and is very indecisive. The purple glow comes from these streaks that are under his pelt, they light up when his souls argue, because they reflect the fusion of red and blue. If he regains composure, the lights turn blue and die back down. He doesn’t want to find out what happens if they become red.

He’s self conscious about his internal conflict, and wears a cloak over himself to hide any sign of the streaks. Don’t assume he’s naked under that, he wears shorts.

He sometimes has a funny expression like the one pictured above because of his souls trying to control two different parts of his face. See, if you cover up the right side with a hand, the other half looks calm, vice versa the side looks angry.

#13 Queso Sauce

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Queso is Salsa’s cousin(by marriage) and also a big fan of Lucha Libre. Forever on the hunt to complete his trios and fight for justice and the Lucha libre way!

#12 The Packets

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Hot, Mild, and Fire are kind of the Huey, Louie, and Dewey of the Condiments. Always getting in trouble and going on adventures, only to need bailed out at the last minute.

#11 Salsa

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Salsa is synonymous with parties, and Salsa himself is no exception! Always down for drinking and party games, Salsa is first to arrive and last to leave, even if its by Police shopping cart. 😉

#27 Algorithm

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Young Mia Chiu sees the world through patient calculating eyes. Every falling object has a formula for its path. Every possibility has a reasoned probability of happening. For every two points, there is a shortest distance to be crossed. Algorithm sees these quantities and glides through life following a logic that only she can see.



#10 Secret Sauce

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Who and what the origins of Secret Sauce are is a mystery to be sure, but what is known is his fight against the stale and rotten core of injustice…and food!

#9 Dijon Mustard

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Even with his beret and French accent, not everyone is convinced of Dijons roots. Regardless , Dijon is quick to judge, and very judgemental of those he doesnt know. Hell, he’s judgemental of those he does know even!

#27 Ben

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Ben the monkey boy…he gets a mid-night craving for bananas all the time..

Wow…no more weekend marathon brain is completely deprived of any sort of creativity or patience. I think I need to rest.

#8 Honey Mustard

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Spicy and saucy at the same time, Honey knows how to add her own special flavor to any situation.

#22 Klad the Janitor

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Klad the Janitor

A former member of Glom the Barbarian’s horde, Klad was captured during the siege of Megalo City. Instead of prison, Klad was offered a chance at rehabilitation, becoming the janitor of The Squadronnaire’s Hall.

#7 ‘Basco Hot Sauce

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‘Basco is the “Dos Equis Man” of the Condiment world. Lavish stories of his adventures and exploits surround his every visit.

#6 Malt “Malty” Vinegar

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Malty is a bit of a mischievous troublemaker. Quick of wit and smarmy attitude, your best not to call his favorite crisps, “French Fries”.

#5 “Chester” Worcestershire Sauce

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Chester has been around for longer than most of the other condiments can remember. Dispensing sage advice and stories of the old times to anyone who asks, sometimes the same story more than once.

No 28

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#4 Mayo

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Mayo is a bit of a loner, used to being left alone until someone wants something has made him a bit of a cynic and hard to approach, but once you get to know him, he has a heart of gold, metaphorically speaking of course 😉

#26-Eric the Bear (and Pinky)

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Eric is a bear, Pinky is a professor of Economics at the local University. Watch as hilarity ensues!


#3 Relish

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Relish is the fun and bubbly one of the group. Most at home at ballgames, amusement parks, and on picnics, she’ll always leave you “green” with envy at how she keeps so energetic!

#2 Mustard

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Mustard is the other half of the “Ketchup & Mustard” duo. Usually quiet and introverted, Mustard is the sounding board and punching bag for the ever popular Ketchup.

#1 Ketchup

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Ketchup is the most widely known and preferred of the condiments and…as such….is a bit of a pompous ass.

Usually found paired with the ying to his yang , Mustard, and dishing out his own personal point of view on the world.

2011 Challenger: Stephen “Switt-!” Wittmaak

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So it’s near the end of the month for sure, and yes, im a little late in the game for getting my bio on here , BUT! I have finished my 30 characters, so there’s some sense of accomplishment in there somewhere!

Obligatory Bio!:

Stephen Wittmaak is a freelance cartoonist originally from Erie, Pa, now based out of Saint Petersburg Fl. He attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2002 with a BFA in Applied Media Arts. Since 2001 he has worked on  his own webcomic, SPUDMUNKEY, done tattoo design and started an artist group, PORTCITY UNDERGROUND that has had a rotating cast of artists since inception. You can check out my portfolio at or follow me over at


Sneak peek at the 30:

No Condiments were harmed in the making of this challenge.

#26 Asphalt Angel

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Asphalt Angel : status: hero

Neovidual abilities: The Asphalt Angel has the power of extreme strength and invulnerability. His body consists of a mixture of various stones and rocks. Although his mass is great and his wings  heavy the Asphalt Angel can fly at will. He is a known and respected hero in the neovidual community.

Webcomic Internal Hero Presents

Artist G.R. on Twitter

Day 27: Liam Maloney

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Liam is half human and half wind maker. His father crossed into Floom about 20 years ago, and a year or so after, fell in love with a wind maker by the name of Rudalpha. Liam is not interested in working, he would much rather spend his days lazing around in a self powered hot air balloon eating cheese and crackers.


#27 Wicked Wallace

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The third resistance leader to oppose Turid Dandelion and Le Fin!

(…and unlucky 13 in the ‘Extremely cute (and very evil) dictators of a fractured future Earth’ Series.)






Pea Gardenia

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Princess Pea GardeniaPrincess Pea Gardenia is the reluctant heir to the Mole Kingdom’s throne. When she becomes queen of the mole people, she will be waited on hand and foot and need for nothing. Sounds Great! Except the queen weighs over 2 tons and is responsible for birthing the entire royal court. So you can understand why she’s run away.

#25 – Xylhopi

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In the time after man, our world will pass between several ages of freedom from any tyrannical ruling races- the meek shall once again inherit the earth, nature will take it’s course, and after millions of years, most of the remnants of mankind’s rule will be gone.

Then shall come the Xylhopi.

Of course, such a name as this means nothing to a race of creatures that has no verbal language.The closest parallel to their biology would be highly intelligent giant cuttlefish, but their own philosophies seem to have them set up as travellers from long ago, finally returned home. Their flight and other powers are from their psionic minds- they cannot die, and are immortal, like the hydra- a natural evolution to the highest order.

#25 – Gthcuk

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#24 – Richard DeFark

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#27-Captain Al Batross

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Captain Al Batross is the greatest captain and adventurer on the seven seas. He can pilot his ship through any weather to any port and always arrives safely.  Once there he will charm all the ladies and find all the best rum. If you need to transport yourself or an item anywhere on the ocean and want to guarantee it’s safe arrival than Captain Al Batross is your man or bird.

#25, 26, 27: The Dystopian Landscape

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Three wayward sisters, adrift in a sea

begot in a deluge of chaos and screams.