#15 Skaggs

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The “Big Bad 3,” of which Skaggs is a member, rule the road. While they may not be the most gentlemanly of truckers, they are certainly the most revered. No one messes with them.

Skaggs isn’t right. His short fuse is thought to be the product of never sleeping. Ever. He also “sees things differently” too. While he’s well respected as one of the kings of the road, people mostly just try to stay out of his way, lest they get a katana blade put through them.


So currently, the project I’m giving the most attention too is about Samurai Truckers. It all started as a stupid set up to have a sword fight on the roof of a moving semi & slowly turned into a revenge epic. I’ve had the main character designed for a while now, but no one else. Originally, I intended one main antagonist that the main character’s seeking for revenge. Then I though why not make it three guys? So that’s where I’m at. Skaggs is the first & you’ll see the other two next. I don’t know if that’s what I’m sticking with, but that’s where I’m at right now.

Of the three, Skaggs would be the wild card. I’m thinking a super lanky Steve Buscemi with permanent kabuki intensity brought on by years of trucker speed abuse. In context of the story, I’d like to think that he’s one of those characters that gets dispatched almost too easily. But whenever you think he’s gone, he some how comes back. And he’s even more wall-eyed & jittery than ever. I tried giving him the feudal Japan/redneck aesthetic I want to give everything in the comic but I don’t think I pushed it far enough. I do like the idea of a Richard Petty hat with a tsuba on it though. Still he’s going to need some tweaks.

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