#16 and #17 – Zandrosia Holbein and son, Gunther

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Zandrosia has a sweet poise about her like a daisy standing straight an tall amongst tulips. That same poise is often pronounced greater around her fellow nobles when she speaks, because Zandrosia is not one to hold her tongue. As the second-youngest daughter of a Drennish Merchant-noble, she has never had reason to hold her tongue either, because their family commands a distinguished fleet of fisherman that supply most of the region with dried fish for the long winters, and from there they expanded to a wide variety of staple foods that have kept their family prosperous and growing, And the Holbein women have seen to it that the family grown LARGE. Children are always running around playing, being tutored, or being told not ot trip up their elders so much.

Zandrosia is no exception. She was nearing eighteen without taking an interest in any of the business-interest/ suitors her father continuously pointed her way, and with no other romantic interest entering her life. When she was introduced to the then-freelancing Salvitore, she felt instantly enamored by his calm studious demeanor, and he was immediately entranced by her loud, honest giggling. It only took one night of hushedly whispering about business, commerce, plants and science on the balcony of her father’s party-home before her father set to work arranging their marriage, and solidifying his business ties to Salvitore. Though the two of them both know fully that her family intended her as a prize for their lifelong business arrangement, Salvitore and Zandrosia make up for it by being completely devoted to each other.

Salvitore not coming from a prominent family himself, they opted to keep her name for the marriage papers, and their children as well. Their first was born a little less than nine months after their marriage (yes… less… you read that right), and named Gunther after her grandfather. Gunther is a quiet child like his father, and normally Zandrosia feels no pain seeing her husband go off on business trips or reasearch expeditions, until recently, when their son has taken a stronger liking to him, and has taken to day-in-day out tantrums when left with the family’s nanny, forcing Zandrosia to watch after him personally when her husband is away.

They have had two other children since, a girl and then another boy. Their quickly growing family is one of the highlights of Salvitore’s life. A small spark of light that keeps him from ever regretting his leave from the Academy.

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