#16 Goroh

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You don’t earn the distinction of “Big Bad 3” through works of philanthropy. Of the three legendary truckers, Goroh’s the only one with a shred of conscience left. While he’s often a laid back & jovial sort of fellow, moments of quiet bring about introspection. Racked with overwhelming guilt, Goroh’s outlet is drink. And lots of it. Rumor has it, his kin were road bandits back in the day. The family tradition looked down on bladed weapons as being sissy. When it comes to protection, Goroh goes with the manly option, a big eff-off kanabo club.


Two of Three in the samurai trucker gang series. I think of the three, I’m the most happy with how he turned out. I’m going to tweak it a lot more before the final draft, but I think I got off to a good start with him.

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