#18 Quozark the Unflinching

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Bow down to Quozark, for he is the Unflinching One.

Nothing shocks Quozark for he sees all & knows most. He comes from the 43rd dimension. How is that even possible you ask? Quozark’s only response will probably involve him commanding you to pleasure him in a lewd & untoward way. And if you knew anything about his physiology, the very idea of the mechanics involved would mortify you.


Drawn entirely on a whim in about twenty minutes. Proud of the outcome, though not entirely sure as of why. He wasn’t made with the intention of being a part of it, but a while ago I had this kind of comedy idea involving aliens from different races disguising themselves as humans while scouting out for their respective invasion forces. Problem is they were each so equally unaware of what actual humans were like, they had no idea & ended up all roommating together. Hijinks ensue. While Quozark is clearly not people-shaped, I think I could pretty easily incorporate him into that somehow.

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