#20 – Khris Lendehr

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Khris is in his middle-age now. 30 years working in the countryside below Himmerd has tanned his face grown crisp wrinkle and dstrong hands like leather blacksmith’s gloves. He left Himmerd decades ago of his own accord when he fell in love with the daughter of a Shepard with a drastic fear of heights. Never having been much of a Pilot himself, he finally decided to move down to the ground, knowing he’d have little contact with his family. He first heard about events stirring in Himmerd when a passing relative chatted with him about the events surrounding Yoren Zenthhfyr five or six years back. But he had no idea that those events would lead to the eventual attack on Himmerd, and when his relations begin visiting him more often, and he receives word about the terrible events in the sky above him, he is torn by the desire to continue protecting his children and grandchildren, and a desire to aid his old family.


Eventually he decides to walk a middle road, begin a quiet investigation amongst the loose network of feudal lands outside the city-states surrounding the Deep Sea, seeking information about Yoren’s whereabouts. He is the first to find out about Yoren’s change to Jyorn, and his connection with the court of Scania.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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Situated in the misty Northwest of the USA, I draw comics, bake, grow too many plants, and try not to go insane.

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