#20 The Outsorceror

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Since his childhood in Mumbai, Vinod Patel knew he had been given gifts that most mortals lacked. His affinity to the mystic arts made him different. He was clairvoyant, a remote viewer, empathic, & even able to conjure up illusions. He wanted to use these abilities for the betterment of mankind. He wanted to make a difference. That’s why he applied to the International Union of Superheroes. On the application form, Vinod very plainly put “The Magic Man” the line marked “code name,” unaware that a man in Dover, New Jersey already had laid claim to that moniker. That’s when a very insensitive processing clerk at the Union decided to take matters into his own hands. When Vinod got his official Union card, it was stamped with the name Outsorceror. He was not pleased.

He did happen to hold a day job at a call center, but that was entirely besides the point. A defamation law suit is still pending. Infuriated, he has yet to join up with the International Union of Superheroes in an official capacity, only acting as a consultant on magical matters occasionally. He’s continued to work at his day job. Scorned, he has begun to daydream about the world of supervillainy.


When the 30Characters started this year, I was really digging what I saw DC Stuelpner doing with his superheroes with kind of punny names. They were awesome. I decided to give it a shot, but didn’t fair nearly as well. The two names I ended up with were rather unfortunate. This was one. The other will get posted soon. Maybe. It the guilt doesn’t stop me.

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