#23 – Lord Clerk Uster

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In a small kingdom, the day-to-day dealings of the castle are handled by people far less illustrious than the king, who has the far more important job of reigning to do. One of these less important people is Lord Clerk Uster, who knows full well his importance to the running of the kingdom. If the king died, after all, his eldest child would take the throne. There would be pomp and ceremony and mourning, but life would go on more or less as it had before.

If Lord Clerk Uster were to die, however, it would take months, if not years for a proper replacement to be found and for the kingdom to truly regain itself. His intricate, rational method of organizing accounts and the business of the kingdom is something that only he truly understands. He is, to put it simply, all that stands between order and chaos.

Or so he would like to believe, of course. He’s a small, weaselly-looking man, with a nasal voice, a love of proper procedure and – if dictionaries existed yet – would be the dictionary definition of “officious prick.”

His king has charged him with finding a proper suitor for the beautiful and talented Princess Cherin, a girl whom Uster has adored since she was a child. He truly loves her, even though he would never dare admit it even to himself, and this impedes somewhat the search for a proper husband….

Read his story here: The Wheels of Courtship

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