#25 “Magnum Man”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Magnum Man is another hired hero, somewhat like Captain Curveball. His powers also place him in the generic hero category. Magnum Man represents the NRA, and always carries a couple of signature magnum pistols, which he doesn’t use much but shows off often. Occassionally, Magnum will fire off a round to show off, or stop a bad guy in some indirect way, but he would never shoot someone (it’s written into his contract that he has to fire his gun every so often, but if he hits a person he won’t get paid). Magnum Man is very fond of puns regarding his anatomy: his arms are his guns and a certain part of him is apparently “magnum-sized”.


He is another in a line of unregistered heroes that The Beacon and Searchlight aim to track and tag. Currently, he is actually on the run from the law, after accidentally shooting a civilian in the leg.


When they eventually find him, The Beacon and Searchlight discover that Magnum Man has a softer side buried underneath all of that manly, gun-toting energy. He doesn’t even like guns, and only used them because the NRA was the only group offering him a contract, and their contract said he had to carry and use guns. He feels terrible about shooting the person, and agrees to go to court and serve time if necessary. The gesture is rare among generic heroes who commit crimes, and noted by the media. After this burst of attention, Magnum Man gets a new contract right away.

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