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CONCEPT:  A former superhuman hero from the 1800s turns against the mystic organization that granted him abilities and attempts to steal the magic weaponry he was armed with.  As punishment, he is allowed to escape but he is cursed to live for centuries.  the magic weapons turn to liquid and encase him in a semi-rigid shell that causes him excruciating pain.  The magic “skin” grants him limited superhuman endurance and strength.  He is able to relieve the pain by willing the “skin” to free him for a limited amount of time, but every moment he is free from pain more time is added to his tortured eternal life.  Wild Demon is attempting to destroy the mystic organization that he feels wronged him, by any means necessary, through anyone or anything that he feels is in his way.


The unfortunately named “Wild Demon” was a middle school Venom clone, Venom being very popular at the time.  The orignal character’s orogin is essentially the same, but his appearance was a smooth black, slick body suit a la Venom.  Wild Demon was driven mad and had increased strength and could drip acid from his hands.

This re-imagined version takes on a more “encrusted” look to the mystic skin hardening over his human body rather than a viscous sheath.

I liked drawing this version f the character.  it was an attempt to give some semblance of originality to an originally derivative character design


Thanks to everyone for their comments and support.  I appreciate everyone who even checks out my stuf for a moment.


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