Cyborg Hill

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments
Simple Cartoon King of Destruction Hill

"Don't call me Hank Henshaw!"

Destroyed by the more cynical, tortured peers of his field, Cyborg Hill was rebuilt with esotirical alien alloys and is now powered solely by propane.

“If you weren’t my son, I’d hug you.  You, uh, you’re my son, you know, with everything that entails… feelings of fondness and more… You know what I mean, don’t you, boy? ”

After his destruction of Coast City, Cyborg Hill has had a spotty career as a spacefaring villain with occassional status changes.

“Ginseng tea?? I’m not gonna get hopped up on dope!  Who is calling me a liar, you or the machine? ‘Cause I need to know whose ass to kick! “

Category: 2011, Drama, Horror, Humor, Superhero, WTF

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Illustration and graphic design as career goals is evident through the massive amount of work I have been producing in the last few years. The entire focus and purpose of my life since 2006 has been a progression of moving my career into the illustration fields, and specifically the sequential art illustration field. Living in Portland I learned what sacrifices it takes to make a serious career out of illustration and design. For four years I have been self-publishing multiple zine and comic titles, doing 24 Hour Comics whenever possible, and tabling at cons in cities all over the Northwest and Widwest American States including Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. My career history involves a over a decade in successful business management, and so eventually it is my goal to be a project manager for a graphic design firm, or editor for a comic book company, with attention always to penciling jobs when available. It is my ongoing goal to pencil daily, render for at least three hours. - J.

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