Day 19- The Krampus

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#19 The Krampus
Alignment: Evil
Energy Affinity: Darkness

      The Krampus is a demon who delights in tormenting children.
It knew it wouldn't be allowed to wreck it's havok unchecked, so it
made a deal with the powers of good. When Santa Claus was given
the power to spread gifts to the well-behaved children of the world,
the Krampus pointed out that the not-so-well-behaved would take
advantage of Santa's generosity. So it was decreed that while Santa
would reward the good children, Krampus would punish the bad.
     This went on for centuries, until Santa couldn't take the sight
of the punishments anymore. There was a brief but devestating battle
that ended with the Krampus sealed away for what Santa hopes is all time.



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