Day 28: The Jack of Hades

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Thomas O’Bannon came to the US in 1847 following the events of The Irish Potato Famine.  He was only 12 years old, and was the only survivor of his family.  He grew up in the slums of The Five Points, and watched the crime and poverty that affected the neighborhood.  In 1852, a 17 year old Thomas was walking home with his fiance from a local theatre, when they were attacked by thugs and his fiance killed.  Thomas, not getting anywhere with corrupt police, or political authorities, decided to adopt a mask and became the first known vigilante known as THE JACK OF HADES.  From 1852-1862 he patroled and made legend as a gang buster in New York City.  In 1862 Thomas was drafted into the Union Army, served as an enlisted infantry man, while occasionally donning the Jack of Hades costume.  In 1867 he married, then moved to San Francisco in 1872.  The Jack of Hades was not seen until 1888, when Thomas’s son Jacob O’Bannon adopted the moniker.  Jacob’s family left San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and moved to Chicago.  Where his son Michael became the third Jack of Hades, and did battle with the Organized crime elements there as well as being a founding member of the superhero group, the Alliance from 1920-1946 when he passed the title onto his son Richard.  Richard was crippled by an thug for hire named The Hyena in 1972, and passed it to his son Edward, who moved the family to Washington DC, and took up the role there until 1990, when his son Johnathan became the last male of the family to hold the mantle.  The Jack of Hades at this point was one of the few non-registered masks to still operate in light of the Metahuman prohibition Act.  Being that not only does he have to fear the criminal element, but local and federal authorities as well!

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