Days 20 and 21- Buck Bugock and the Chicken Coupe

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30 Characters days #20 and 21- Buck Bugock and The chicken Coupe
Energy Affinities:
Fire (Buck), Cold (Tiffany), Electricity (Linda), and Air (Brittany)
Cartoon Chickens

Buck Bugock is the big man on the farm. He’s always trying to pull one over on poor ol’ farm cat Horatio. Buck is usually encouraged by his trio of fans- Tiffany, Linda, and Brittany. He often takes the girls out for a spin in his Chicken Coupe.

Buck is a laid-back, confident rooster about town. Tiffany is something of a cool-dispositioned diva. Linda is easily excited, sometimes boisterous, and completely addicted to texting and updating her status. Brittany is, like, totally a two dimensional valley girl.

Buck and his Pullets occupy the same world as Power Platypus. I could have counted the girls as three seperate characters, but I felt that would be cheating the 30 characters project.


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