Stupidest Man on Wheels

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments
Reckless Speed Junky on Particleboard

So shocking he's not.

This man is just so, so stupid.  But he never gets hurt.

“Shopping cart over a car?  Done it.  You want me to ride a dolley under a moving truck?  Done it.  Get out of the car, turn my back on it while it’s coming around towards me again?  Sure, why not… wait, no, I done it too.”

Once known only for taping a camera to his head and flinging himself off of pinnacles at great height, now he has moved on to truly new pursuits.

“Watch me slowly take the front tire of this bike over the end of this picnic table.  It’ll be fine, honest.  I do this all the time.”

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