#10 Phineas X

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Phineas is a little baby that a couple found abandoned next to a forest that had recently been burned down. He is about 2 months old. The couple decided to adopt him, seeing as their children had already grown up, but he began to show some very mysterious traits. They showed him to the mad scientists at the superhero academy in town (yes, the same world as the one in my first character post); fascinated by the baby and seeing potential for him as a superhero raised from birth, the scientists convinced the couple to relinquish him to them. The couple had already named him Phineas, but the scientists added ‘X’ as a last name, representing his unknown factor.

Phineas is a very intelligent baby. The scientists have diagnosed him as having the cognitive function of at least a 4 year old, save for the fact that he doesn’t understand spoken or written language quite yet. He’s tried to mimic their sounds a couple of times but though his mind is advanced, his motor skills are not. This makes him a bit frustrated and as he quickly starts linking words to concepts he awaits the dexterity to be able to speak them. Phineas hates being a baby, but as long as the scientists dote on him, he feels he can manage.

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