#21 Fe-Male

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The wealthy playboy known simply as Ivan is the heir to the Blacktower Defense fortune. Someone as notable as him receives a lot of different threats on a daily basis, some much larger than others. That’s why it helps to have Fe-Male on retainer as his primary bodyguard. While Fe-Male doesn’t make many public appearances, Ivan is happy to speak for & about the mysterious, mechanical stranger. Able to go toe to toe with entire tank battalions, Fe-Male shows not only flight, durability, & energy projection; but also style & finesse, two things Ivan believes are sorely missing among superheroes today. Speaking of things gone missing, the press often finds it strange that Ivan & Fe-Male are rarely ever seen together.

Ivan is fooling no one.


Get it? Periodic Table humor.

The second of the punny-name-making-the-hero ideas I went with. I hated them both but they almost seemed too bad not to use. Can’t take full credit as I saw a philosoraptor meme image with the text “Iron man. Fe Male?” I just ran with the name. I wanted to play it up & go fierce. Instead, I pulled it back a little just to kind of be practical from a battle standpoint. That being said, I’m guessing the exposed skin is far from practical when bullets & laser blasts are flying around. I just figured it’d help sell the idea. I think my favorite thing about any of this is the leaning on the repulsor. Might’ve goofed the feet a little, but I like the pose.

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  1. Crystal Rollins says:

    Gotta say this got a cuckle out of me once I read the description and did a double-take on the picture. Then I noticed the adam-apple and stubble, and the pit hair, and though, “OMG! it’s like a cross-dressing sort of Iron-WO-man? Hehehe.” And so well drawn, to boot! Thanks for the awesome entries this year 🙂

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