21 – Tryglox

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Intergalactic law is one of the most complex fields of study – there are more top level physicists in the universe than there are lawyers who can deal with the policies of more than two or three planets.  Tryglox, from the planet of Arboreus, is one of the most notable exceptions.  His species, despite appearing to be trees, aren’t strictly so – their species lays their eggs in the back of young trees, and the young as they grow produce chemicals which cause the tree bark to form a shell around the offspring, acting as a tough exoskeleton.  Trgylox himself is approaching 1200 earth years old and is only middle aged by his species standards.  He has however spent the last 23 years if his life trying to put together a very thorough case to sue earth for accidentally introducing parasites to his planet which caused incalculable injuries to Arboreans.  However, as he is effectively trying to sue earth for its entire wealth, he keeps finding himself mounting defense cases on the behalf of earth to make sure they still have money for his case, which he currently is anticipiating bringing to court in about forty years time.  In the mean time, he is somewhat ironically earth’s greatest legal protector.

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