22 – Constable Kjulis

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Much as there is often culture clash when immigrants move into a new country, the problems are even more noticable when the immigrants are not human.  The Psalamandron are an aquatic species which lives in various cities under the sea – entirely ampbibious they are capable of living on land or water.  However, due to some political strife in some of the north Atlantic Psalamandron there have been some refugees to the surface world during the past several decades.  The most notable community is a small one is East London, and as with any communities, there is some degree of interaction between the existing community and the newcomers.  Kjulis is one of the very few individuals in the world who is a human/psalamandron hybrid.  He joined the London Metropolitan Police and while he is primarily a normal police officer he is also particularly usefull as a cultural liason – not to mention the fact that he is considerably stronger, faster and tougher than a human and can breath underwater…

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