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The fourth of the five elements (Twist, Quake, Fi-rei, The Unwashed, and Suenami.), she has also distanced herself from humanity and her former friends in the Taskforce. She doesn’t see her connection to the water like any of the four. It isn’t a power for good, a tool for genocide or the path to godhood, but something that stops her from ever being close with her husband ever again.

Her connection with her element was strengthened in a failed experiment by Tinky Technicha, and she can no longer keep a solid form. She is forever in a water state, with the only thing keeping her in some semblance of existence is the large Droplet Belt developed by Tinky. Tinky promises to find a way to reverse it, therefore it is assumed she follows Tinky around, but she has been known to disappear to the coastal residence of her ex-husband.

This is the first in the last bunch of characters. I am doing/did all the bios in one night so if I don’t get sketches done I can finish it in some manner. I have a busy couple of days ahead, but I am finishing this in some manner.


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